Motivational Monday Podcast

MM47 – Christmas Special

Christmas special bonanza! After her successful countdown to 2018 one to one training session, your hostess with the mostest is back but this time being interviewed by her husband! Abigale talks about her days in television, how she stumbled into podcasting, some of her darkest moments during the international credit crunch, and how her faith helped her to overcome this adversity.

MM46 – Caught in the System with Abbie Samuel

Abbie Samuel, a gifted actress, writer, and model. Abbie trained in Drama and Screen Acting, appearing in musicals, online TV series, short films, and a contributor for numerous discussion shows. Abbie wrote her first book, Caught in the storm at the age of 16 which was later published 2 years later in 2012.

MM45 – Live A Full Life with Happiness Coach Rodrigo Baena

Rodrigo is a Happiness Coach, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He is an author, teacher, and speaker, and is certified as a Professional Executive Coach through iPec, in Seattle, Washington, an International Coach Federation accredited coaching school. He founded the Portland Happiness Center in 2014. His primary goal is to help people find greater joy and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

MM44 – Life Can Be One Big Appalachian Trail with Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams is a trailblazing motivational speaker, coach, and writer. She’s also the host of the Tough Girl Podcast which shares inspiring stories of women overcoming great challenges.

MM43 – Motivating Young People

Millicent Mutheu is a student studying journalism at the Multimedia University of Kenya. Her life is devoted to leading and motivating young people in her hometown. She recently started a mentorship program for fellow students in her university called Ambassadors of Change Initiative, a vision one day she hopes will become worldwide helping to create mentorship programmes and forge partnerships with agencies to help address issues young people face in Kenya such as poverty, teenage pregnancy, and accessible education.

MM42 – The Countdown To 2018

Join Abigale as she invites you to her training room for a one-2-one called “The Countdown”. In this episode, Abigale shares her insights and thought-provoking questions designed to help you assess your progress, disappointments, and the necessary shifts you'll need to make in order to end 2017 strong!

MM41 – How Misfortunes Can Become Miracles with Dr. Nana K Kufuor

Dr. Nana Kwabena Kufuor has a rich experience as a teacher and a lecturer. He conducts research in the area of development macroeconomics in sub-Saharan African countries, but has also published on the performance of commercial banks in China. He has a knack for nurturing students of various origin and has overseen the personal and academic development of hundreds of students from the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Khazastan, Ukraine, various countries in Africa and Asia (including China), among others.

MM40 – Land Your Next Role Using Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and why does it matter when searching for a job? Caroline Stokes has made a career in the talent recruitment industry. She knows the ins and outs of recruitment and shares the secrets that you should know as a job-seeker to stand out above the rest. Her company, The Forward Co., has worked with large players such as Microsoft, EA Games, Disney, and more. Caroline started in the 90s and has since watched the job-hunting and talent-recruitment landscape evolve. Leverage her expertise to help you, or your clients, make that next powerful career move!

MM39 – Entrepreneurship Is A Life Calling with Annie Weller

Annie Weller is a coach and consultant, helping people reveal their personal power and potential of their small business. She’s a serial entrepreneur, who survived the corporate world as a Regional Director of Marketing for a large cellular company, and owned her own marketing and advertising firm, before moving into coaching and consulting.

MM38 – The Art of Saying No with Traci DeForge

How often do you say "no?" Many of us strive to please, and feel that saying "yes" is always the correct answer. However, this can lead to undue stress on the person who matters most: you! Today, Abigale and Traci DeForge discuss the art of saying no, and why it's so important to be aware and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

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