Motivational Monday Podcast

MM21 – How To Amplify Your Game, Parents with Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence is an author, coach, motivational speaker, trainer, and father. His entertaining and witty presentations cover a diversity of topics including leadership, Race, Personal Development and Parenthood. Paul’s long experience as a trainer, member, and Trustee for two of London’s finest mentoring organizations, The 100 Black men of London and Urban Synergy, explains why his views on Coaching, Mentoring, and Parenthood are considered by many as among the most important and influential.

MM19 – Alleviate Stress & Enjoy A Life Worth Living with Jess Strachwitz Hamilton

Staying motivated can be a challenge on the best of days, but how do you power through challenging times in life? Jess Strachwitz Hamilton knows the feeling well. Financial problems led to turmoil within her family and marriage, but Jess picked herself up and carried on out of necessity. She’s now a coach, helping others deal with similar stressful and emotional situations.

Motivational Monday 018 Kirsty Osei-Bempong

Kirsty Osei-Bempong (MisBeee) is a London-based multimedia journalist and founder of Ghanaian culture blogsite MisBeee Writes. She writes for the largest Black UK newspaper The Voice, blogs for the Huffington Post and a number of online UK and Ghanaian publications. Her articles explore world themes designed to challenge societal norms, re-examine African histories and celebrate key figures with Ghanaian heritage.

Motivational Monday 017

You get some one-on-one time with Abigale this week!

Motivational Monday 016 with Jolanda Duho

Your motivation comes from a different source this week! Rather than a coach, Abigale speaks with Motivational Monday listener Jolanda Duho who has rekindled her focus, goals, and motivation by listening to the podcast.

Motivational Monday 015 with Katie Evans

If you struggle with staying healthy or are trying to get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, this episode is for you!

Motivational Monday 014 with Aaron Walker

Businessman and Life Coach Aaron Walker joins Abigale this week, sharing some solid inspirational advice. During his career, Aaron successfully started, built and sold a dozen businesses. With nearly 40 years experience as an entrepreneur and husband, Aaron is putting his wisdom to use by coaching men on how to live their life with intentionality, meaning, and purpose. Find out how, no matter what catastrophic events life throws at you, you can still win.

Motivational Monday 013 Dr. Susan O’Malley

Dr. Susan O’Malley is a former emergency room doctor, speaker, and author. In her book, Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble: Turn Set-Backs into Success, she outlines the strategies that transformed her from college drop-out and secretary to an emergency room doctor and entrepreneur. She now helps leaders transform obstacles into victory teaching perseverance and resilience.

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