Motivational Monday Podcast

Motivational Monday 003 with James Murphy

Executive Business Coach & Emotional Release Expert James Murphy joins Abigale today! James shares the story of how he got into coaching and what he does differently in the coaching world. James has helped nearly 1000 clients during his 11 years as a coach and provides some amazing insight for us!

Motivational Monday 002 with Caroline Wellingham

Life coach and entrepreneur Caroline Wellingham joins Abigale for a chat this week! Caroline tells us the story of how she became a life coach and how she keeps herself motivated. She explains the ups and downs of starting her coaching business, why perseverance is so important, how to deal with finances, and why healthy living is so important for your mindset.

Motivational Monday 001 with Marc Mawhinney

This week our guest is Marc Mawhinney, Executive Business Coach & founder of Natural Born Coaches. Marc tells us how some hard times eventually led him to become a coach and how you can benefit from coaching. Abigale and Mark chat about learning from bad experiences, staying motivated, and the mindset for achieving success.

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