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MM21 – How To Amplify Your Game, Parents with Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence is an author, coach, motivational speaker, trainer, and father. His entertaining and witty presentations cover a diversity of topics including leadership, Race, Personal Development and Parenthood. Paul’s long experience as a trainer, member, and Trustee for two of London’s finest mentoring organizations, The 100 Black men of London and Urban Synergy, explains why his views on Coaching, Mentoring, and Parenthood are considered by many as among the most important and influential.

Paul tells us why he wrote the book “101 Lessons I Taught My Son,” how parenting has changed, role models, and commons myths about young people. We hear some advice for fathers, sons, Paul explains why it’s important to finish what you begin, and we hear Paul’s motivational tips, covering everything from mindset to morning routine.

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Book Recommendation: 5 Love Languages

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