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MM38 – The Art of Saying No with Traci DeForge

How often do you say “no?” Many of us strive to please, and feel that saying “yes” is always the correct answer. However, this can lead to undue stress on the person who matters most: you! Today, Abigale and Traci DeForge discuss the art of saying no, and why it’s so important to be aware and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Traci DeForge’s 25-year professional career reflects a unique combination of Broadcast Media Management and Fortune 500 Business Consulting. She identifies successful business development opportunities for innovative growth.
This powerful combination led to her founding of Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast production company. Traci has developed a proprietary workflow process including branding, production and marketing strategies for every individual podcast. Each client receives customized training on the best way to maintain and grow their show utilizing this system.

3 Key Points:

– Master the art of saying “no.”
– Learn to hit the pause button if you’re unsure about a decision.
– You don’t get time back so choose wisely on how to spend it.

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