Motivational Monday Podcast

MM40 – Land Your Next Role Using Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and why does it matter when searching for a job? Caroline Stokes has made a career in the talent recruitment industry. She knows the ins and outs of recruitment and shares the secrets that you should know as a job-seeker to stand out above the rest. Her company, The Forward Co., has worked with large players such as Microsoft, EA Games, Disney, and more. Caroline started in the 90s and has since watched the job-hunting and talent-recruitment landscape evolve. Leverage her expertise to help you, or your clients, make that next powerful career move!

3 Key Points:

– You have the grit to become whoever you want to be or get to wherever you want to go
– We perform daily based on our emotional and social functioning
– When applying for your next role, evaluate your skills, identify what is missing and endeavor to manage your stress during the process


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