Motivational Monday Podcast

MM41 – How Misfortunes Can Become Miracles with Dr. Nana K Kufuor

Dr. Nana Kwabena Kufuor has a rich experience as a teacher and a lecturer. He conducts research in the area of development macroeconomics in sub-Saharan African countries, but has also published on the performance of commercial banks in China. He has a knack for nurturing students of various origin and has overseen the personal and academic development of hundreds of students from the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Khazastan, Ukraine, various countries in Africa and Asia (including China), among others.

3 Key Points:

– Attitude is everything!
– Look back in remembrance and believe you will make it.
– You will encounter obstacles along your path, but your ‘why’ will help you stay motivated.


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