Motivational Monday Podcast

MM45 – Live A Full Life with Happiness Coach Rodrigo Baena

Rodrigo is a Happiness Coach, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He is an author, teacher, and speaker, and is certified as a Professional Executive Coach through iPec, in Seattle, Washington, an International Coach Federation accredited coaching school. He founded the Portland Happiness Center in 2014. His primary goal is to help people find greater joy and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

3 Key Points:

– We need to be connected to a community in order to thrive in life.
– Our time on earth is limited, so if your last day was tomorrow, which people would you tell you love? What dreams would you pursue? Who would you forgive?
– Place more of a value on community and connection.

Resources Mentioned:

– Rodrigo’s Website: (E-mail to receive a free coaching session)
– Book Recommendation: The Aquarian Conspiracy
– Rodrigo’s Facebook: