Motivational Monday Podcast

MM49 – Keeping Fit and Healthy the Simple Way with Dean Palfreyman

Being fit and healthy goes a long way towards your overall mindset and attitude. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of “not having enough time” to exercise and eat well, but as Dean¬†Palfreyman explains in this episode, you can be healthy without a lot of time or effort!

Key points:

– Keep being active doesn’t always mean pounding the pavement or treadmill. Taking leisurely walks, standing up after sitting for a while. The key is to be active throughout your entire day.
– For busy bees, cooking doesn’t have to be long and laborious, try using a slow cooker and let your meal cook on a low heat using a timer whilst you’re away working.
– Record your progress by making notes of your nutritional intake and keep a log of your activities.

Resources Mentioned:

Dean’s website –¬†