Motivational Monday Podcast

MM53 – When You Learn… Teach with Kyeinana Otchere

Kyeinana Otchere is a chemist, motivational speaker, music artist, poet, and songwriter. He is currently teaching A Level Science in Ningbo, China.

As a science technician, Kyeinana felt he had more to offer than just preparing and demonstrating experiments. After receiving heartfelt advice from a colleague he decided to enroll for a teaching degree in Brighton university, a decision which he said at the time would either make or break him.

Within his first year as an NQT, he began piloting a scheme he had developed that later on would help him to discover his niche as a motivational speaker and an inspirational teacher.

Kyeinana decided to go international with his project and in March 2013 traveled to the Far East, Harbin Northern China. Where he implemented O13 project, a mentoring and coaching programme aimed at transforming the academic performance of struggling students. His groundbreaking mentoring programme not only catapulted the academic performance of struggling students from average C graders to becoming A+ students, but their confidence and self-esteem also excelled, resulting in multiple students within the high school wanting to join and having to be placed on waiting lists due to limited spaces. In 2015 Kyeinana returned back to the UK and enrolled more students from a prestigious Catholic school and again the results were phenomenal.

He attributes his gift to be given to Him by God and uses his teaching platform to inspire young people wherever he goes.

3 Key Points:

– Everyone has been gifted with greatness
– Some people blossom further on in life
– Aspire to become the greatest role model for your children and community.

Resources Mentioned:

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