Motivational Monday Podcast

MM60 Season 2 – Experiencing a Miracle Mindset with Carnisa Berry

Carnisa Berry is an International Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Relationship Life Coach. Her company Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching focuses on helping clients to connect to who they are, so in return, they can connect to those around them. To date Carnisa has written and published books, Live Your Best Life: 5 Ways to Conquer Fear and Think Your Way to a Better Marriage. Carnisa’s seminars and workshops hosted around the world provide the tools and strategies that assist participants to accomplish real lasting life changes.

3 Key Points:

– You can choose your thoughts!
– Forgiveness is the GIFT you give yourself
– Knowing who you are enhances any marriage relationship

Resources Mentioned:

Carnisa’s website
FREE gift Miracle Mindset Program (Enter code Abigale)
Join the Berry Thoughtful Life tribe