Motivational Monday Podcast

MM64 – Evoking A Beautiful Mind Charles Agbemashior

Charles Agbemashior is a social entrepreneur with a passion for problem solving. He established WeGo Innovate as an ideas hub to encourage innovation among the youth. Out of that has come the JUNEOS Challenge – an experiment-based national science competition created to get schools, teachers and students thinking differently about how they teach and learn science. Experiments are based on each country’s national curriculum but centre on drawing out key skills such as critical thinking, creativity and innovation that students can apply throughout their lives and careers. Ghana is the first country to benefit from this initiative but there are plans to roll the competition out to Nigeria and across Africa in coming years.

3 Key Points:

– Creativity unlocks a child’s full potential and empowers them to have a voice!
РProblem solving is a critical skill set to harness 
– Never stop exploring new ideas

Resources Mentioned: