Motivational Monday Podcast

MM72 – How to Build a Money Mindset with Ruth Kudzi

Ruth Kudzi is a qualified coach, speaker and best selling author who works with new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start and scale successful, profitable businesses in the service sector. She is committed to her own personal development and has a BA in Psychology & Management Studies, a MA in Psychology, a PGCE in Business & Economics and a PGCERT in Coaching alongside lots of other qualifications. She has worked with some of the worlds leading coaches to develop her own coaching style and build a business which generates over 6 figures in revenue. Her passion is empowering other women to start up and develop their dream businesses through a variety of programs.

3 Keys:

–  Set positive goals for saving money.
–  By identifying your language, fears and beliefs towards money. You can shift from scarcity to abundance thinking.
–  You can change your money story and experience!

Resources Mentioned: