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MM73 – Growing Your Money Like Honey with Ramon Gill

An investor, Forex trader and coach, Raman Gill started investing in 2000. After getting introduced to the currency markets in 2009, Raman found her passion and fell in love with trading. Raman founded Trading with Venus in 2014 where she works with those new to trading helping them make better, more informed, decisions about trades so they can take consistent action to achieve their financial goals. She also works with successful female entrepreneurs, helping them with investing to accelerate their wealth creation and enable them to achieve financial security and freedom.

Raman previously worked at TD Bank, one of the largest financial institution in North America, Raman held a variety of management roles with the TD, including managing a cross-border team. Most recently, she was a Portfolio Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions area, where her team was responsible for due diligence on deals ranging from $50MM to multiple billions of dollars in both US and Canada.

Prior to working in finance and investments Raman owned an IT consulting business, for 10 years, which she subsequently sold.

Raman has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems and MBA degrees from Cornell University in the US and Queens University in Canada.

3 Keys:

– What you do not measure doesn’t grow, keep a close eye on your finances.

– Think of yourself as buying a piece of a company and look for growth companies.

– Stop thinking about your debts and shift your conversation to, ” I need to make this money how may I be able to do so?”


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